You Are Gods Choice

You are not a mistake
you are not a coincidence
you just happened to be one of the chosen that the odds are against
but you must remain dominant in a hostile environment
because within your mind, body and soul
is Infinite intelligence
So be the solar controller cause like the sun you are to be dominant as you are born brilliant-ingenious-magnificent
and even if you don't comprehend it, God knows that you're relevant
You went down the wrong path, now try the path of knowledge
with no apology for your new ideology, theology
cause then you will see, clearly now, the rain is gone
the pain is a thorn because your a rose
you were left for dead, but Gods child arose
Faith is when you cant see him
intuition is when you hear his voice
Do your thing God!
Told me to tell you...that you are his choice!
Seeking people of the universe, this is yours!
#spokenword #poetry #motivational #god #inspirational #kamalimani #kamalsupreme
You Are God's Choice! | Kamal Supreme (

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