'For The Good' Riley Clemmons Live Performance

'For The Good' Riley Clemmons Live Performance

Listen to this encouraging live performance by Riley Clemmons for her song ‘For The Good.’

“Who can bend my burdens and make them beautiful, who can bring the healing
To the hurt I hold, who else could part the waters when I’m needing a way
Though I’m walking through the valley, I’ll believe when You say
For the good, for the good, You work all things together. for the good, for the good"

What a wonderful song! The lyrics and music are incredible, and the enthusiasm in Riley’s performance is amazing. 

The powerful song is based on Romans 8:28 and is very personal to Riley Clemmons.

"This song is deeply rooted in one of my favorite Bible verses of all time, Romans 8:28, saying ‘all things work together for the good for those who love God and are called according to His purposes,'” Riley shares. “This verse has brought my family and myself so much comfort over the past couple of years, as not only we've walked through a tough time as a family, but as we've watched the world around us change. Never so much before have we needed the promise that God is working things together for the good. I hope this song encourages you and reminds you, no matter what season you're walking through, that God is with you and for you."

"Your promise stands forever, You alone are my greatest hope
I trust You on the broken road, You work all things together like only You could
For the good of those who love You, those who love You” 

Many people online shared about how much they loved the song ‘For The Good.’

“Amen sister! So ready to find my joy! So love this true and passionate song and performance. Singing with you!” one person wrote.

“This is awesome! Very encouraging! I love your energy Riley, keep it up!” another person comments.

We hope that you enjoyed listening to Riley Clemmons perform ‘For The Good’ today!

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