Talented Dancer Battles Against Himself In Epic Got Talent Routine

Talented Dancer Battles Against Himself In Epic Got Talent Routine

It is truly incredible to see how many skills are out in the world. In this video, a talented dancer battles against himself in an epic Got Talent routine.

During the finale of Germany’s Got Talent, a young man named Chris Cross enters the stage for an intriguing performance. He dances next to what appears to be a shadow. The two dance in sync with a bright sun background and then reveal that they are moving separately. Chris and his shadow are having a dance-off to upbeat jazz music and it is wildly entertaining. 

As the two dance battle back and forth Chris appears to beat his shadow when all of a sudden, the shadow jumps angrily at him. The background of the day turns to night and the music turns to a hip hop style. The way this dancer uses a projector screen behind him is mesmerizing, he is so creative. Chris finally defeats the shadow and then walks over and helps him up. The two start to dance together again with happiness. 

This performance was nothing short of spectacular, it is almost hard to describe with words until you see it for yourself. The way that this dance tells a story of light versus darkness reminds us of how Christ, the Light of the World conquered darkness. We who were defeated by sin and in darkness like the shadow) are then welcomed into the kingdom of God through Jesus. We can have as much joy as this dancer has while finishing his routine with moves and unity because of Christ. 

“For at one time you were darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Walk as children of light.” Ephesians 5:8


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