'Stand Up' Zach Williams Live Performance

'Stand Up' Zach Williams Live Performance

Listen to this live performance of the song ‘Stand Up’ by Zach Williams.

“Are you lost and wanna be found, are there shackles on your feet that weigh you down
Are you scared there's no way out, are you sick and tired of falling on the ground
Stand up if you believe in the God of freedom, somebody give Him praise
Stand up if you believe in the name of Jesus, somebody give Him praise” 

Zach Williams performed this powerful song live at the 2021 Dove Awards, and everyone in the audience was praising along with him. And many people online shared how much they loved the song as well.

“You sing the real gospel. With the right voice and tremble,” one person comments on YouTube after watching the video. “God blessed you so much, and us, who can listen to your songs. Thank God and thank you.”

“Great song!” another person writes online. “I love your music! It's relatable and affirming. It touches everyone who hears it! Thank God you are out there making this music!”

Zach Williams is a husband, father, and musician who lives in Nashville, Tennessee. According to his website, he has “become one of CCM’s leading artists and songwriters by carving a niche with his singular blend of southern rock, country, and faith-filled songwriting, which quickly awarded him his first Grammy Award with his debut album, 2017’s Chain Breaker.”

When talking about his new album titled Rescue Story, Zach reflects on all the blessings that God has given him. “When I gave my life to the Lord, I realized He never left me, even in the dark times. For this new album, the title fits because every song in it has a rescue story. When you’re at your end of the rope, that’s when your rescue story begins. In my case, Jesus has been my rescue story.”

We hope that you enjoyed listening to Zach William’s song ‘Stand Up’ today!

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