‘The Dove’ Kari Jobe And The Belonging Co Acoustic Performance

A group of gifted musicians performed a song about God’s creation, the fall of man and God’s plan of redemption, to bridge the gap sin created between man and Him.

Since Adam and Eve took a bite of the fruit from the forbidden tree in the garden, sin has been present in the world. Death, hurt, destruction, sickness and disease made their way into our world. Man is a fallen and sinful being. 

However, God, through the death of His son, Jesus Christ, made a way for man to be brought back to Him, to be redeemed. 

Kari Jobe and The Belonging Co. in the song “The Dove” sing about God’s creation, the death of His son and the guiding and loving Holy Spirit. 

In the song’s opening verse, the musicians mention how God, who is all-powerful, demonstrated this by simply speaking the world into existence. Man, the lyrics point out, was intended and created to be a “friend of God” and to “dwell in his presence.” But, as we all know, man’s arrogance and ignorance got in the way, bringing about sin, pain and suffering to humanity. 

The second verse adds that despite man’s fallen nature, God had a plan to cleanse people of their sins. He sent his one and only son into the world to suffer a painful and horrifying death on the cross. Jesus Christ took our place, making the ultimate sacrifice of love. 

The third and final verse mentions that God left the Holy Spirit to guide and direct us. The Holy Spirit is another gift that none of us could ever do anything to earn.

What a lovely song that details man’s fall and God’s loving and perfect plan to bring humans back into a relationship with Him. He has given us a way to overcome sin, to bridge the division sin caused between man and God.

John 14:26 “But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will be your teacher in all things and will put in mind of everything I have said to you.”


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