Boy’s Routine With Brother with Autism Inspires Entire School

Boy’s Routine With Brother with Autism Inspires Entire School

Seeing a need and acting with kindness and love without being asked or told can have massive ramifications. Not only will it benefit the person on the receiving end of the act, but it can benefit others. The bond between a pair of young siblings has done just that.

Thomas and Nathan are two children – 5 and 7 years old. Thomas is the oldest and Nathan is the younger. Nathan has Autism which affects his ability to communicate, according to the boys’ mother, Jill Brose.

One day, Thomas saw a need, a way to help his brother’s day run a little smoother and he acted without being prompted. It’s now become their morning routine.

The school’s leadership has taken notice of Thomas’ effort. 

“Nobody really told Thomas what to do. He just did it,” said Tricia Fusco, Mcannulty Elementary School principal. “And he helped Nathan take his coat off and he hung it up in his locker and put his book bag away. Took his lunchbox and took him right into his classroom and that was really the start of everything that came to be today.”

Nathan’s teacher mentioned that she saw an immediate, positive change in him following the kindness of his big brother, Thomas. 

“He really knows what Nathan needs,” Amy Dempsey said. “So, incorporating him walking him to class really helped with Nathan’s anxiety because he knew how to calm Nathan down.”

Other people who work in the school have told the boys’ parents how much they appreciate Thomas’ efforts, calling it the sweetest thing. 

“The smallest act of kindness can really turn someone’s day around,” Jill said.

Not only have those in the school taken notice of the children’s sweet bond and routine, but their own father wants to be a better man from what he’s seen from them. 

“To see them have their own type of relationship, it inspires me to just, you know, wanna be the best that I can and the best parent that I can for them,” Tom Brose said.

1 Peter 3:8 “Finally, be you all of one mind, having compassion one of another, love as brothers, be pitiful, be courteous:”

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