Heartfelt Reunion of Couple and Cat Missing for 3 Months

Heartfelt Reunion of Couple and Cat Missing for 3 Months

Pets, our furry and four-legged friends, all have a way of finding a place in our hearts. Essentially, they become members of the family. We hurt when they hurt. We are happy when they are happy. So, imagine the joy one couple felt after finding their pet that had been missing for months.

Rodd is Amanda and her husband Mark's four-legged and furry family member and means the world to them. Amanda said Rodd, a Siamese cat, “loves to roam” and would often go very far from home during his outings, according to The Yorkshire Post.

Rodd would always return from his expeditions, often with a gift, usually in the form of a mouse. However, in early October 2022, Rodd went on a journey and did not come back. Then, after days with no sign of Rodd, Amanda began to suspect the worst.

"I assumed this is what he had done again as of the 13th October 2022,” Amanda told The Yorkshire Post. “But by the fifth night, I was worried with it coming up to Halloween and bonfire night, he would get skittish and scared and possibly end up injured or freezing cold.”

The outlet reports that Amanda did everything possible to find Rodd – searched the area, posted missing posters and created announcements on social media. 

Eventually, weeks went by without Rodd.

But on the day after Christmas, Amanda heard a very familiar meow. It was Rodd!

Video of the surprising reunion shows Amanda dropping her drink to chase after her furry family member, who comes to their house's backdoor. 

In the video, Amanda crouches down, grabs Rodd and gives him a huge hug before letting him back in where he belongs – Amanda and Mark’s house.

Amanda was overwhelmed by Rodd’s return! 

"I am still on cloud nine that he came back over Christmas, the best Christmas present I could of ever wished for,” she said

Genesis 1:24 “And God said, Let the earth bring forth the living creature after his kind, cattle, and creeping thing, and beast of the earth after his kind: and it was so.”

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