Dolly Parton On Turning 77 And New Music

Dolly Parton On Turning 77 And New Music

Dolly Parton is known as one of the kindest and selfless celebrities, and her most recent interview with CBS Mornings proves just that. At the time of the interview Dolly was nearing her seventy-seventh birthday, and she discusses her plans for the future.  

In the interview, Dolly speaks about her latest plans for helping charities. Multi-billionaire, Jeff Bezos, gave Dolly a generous donation of 100 million dollars to be given to charities. 

“"I try to put my money where my heart is," Parton said after receiving the Courage and Civility award. "I will do my best to do good things with this money."

Dolly has previously donated millions of dollars to charities that give books and resources to areas that have low literacy rates. Finding a use for 100 million dollars is a large task, but Dolly has expressed how excited she is to put it to good use. 

The interview then went on to discuss her recent nomination into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which she had initially tried to turn down. 

“When they said they were going to put me in it, I didn’t know if I deserved it….And I said if they must put me in I would accept it gracefully, which I did, and was very honored and proud. But because I got [an award] I wasn’t sure of, I thought I’m going to have to earn that title, and immediately started working on a rock and roll album that will come out in the early fall.”

When nominated into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Dolly felt as though she didn’t deserve it. She urged voters to give their votes to someone more deserving, but she ended up winning regardless. After accepting the award, Dolly immediately went to work to create a project she felt was Hall of Fame worthy. 

Dolly’s career has spanned over sixty years, with thousands of songs written and numerous awards. She inspires everyone with her big heart and youthful spark that can be reflected in her work. 

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