Little Boy's Funny Moment with Offering Plate at Church

There’s a lot to learn about proper church service protocols, and this little boy’s funny moment with the offering plate at church is a witness to that very challenge!

Check out the little blond cutie as he waits for his big moment. He gets to put his dollar in the long-handled wicker basket, and he has positioned himself at the end of the row, ready to go! 

Three handsome boys are seated with a younger woman and an older woman—probably mama and grandma. What a beautiful thing it is to see the trio being taught to worship God and make an offering! 

The basket across the aisle bops up and down, and the one on their side lands in front of the adorable rascal. He drops his part into the plate. And, his darker-haired brothers bounce up to enthusiastically and appropriately add theirs; they know the routine. But, by now, the youngest has noticed he has an audience!

As his brothers are doing their part, he’s thinking maybe he should try to pull his back out. He lifts the bill with a little smile toward the watching friends a few yards away, but Grandma slides it right out of his hand and back where it belongs. Busted! 

She gives him a light tap on the shoulder as he turns and squirms his way back to his spot on the pew. Mom delivers a gentle poke on the way back just to make the point clear. No taking back what’s been put in, kiddo!

Something tells us this little guy gets taps and pokes regularly! He might just be the family cut-up or clown. However, he’s getting Godly teaching and love from a fellowship of believers as he grows. He’s in good hands! The lady across the aisle loves him already! Bonds between the young and old, and generations in between, within a body of believers are so precious!   

Now, he’ll have to master taking communion!  

“But Jesus called them unto him, and said, Suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God.” Luke 18:16

Source: YouTube

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