Mom Found Treasure Trove of Love Notes from Her Husband

Mom Found Treasure Trove of Love Notes from Her Husband

A kind word or a positive, motivational message can help turn a person's day around. Who doesn’t like to hear or read something uplifting? That’s what makes one mother’s recent astounding discovery so heartwarming!

Sabrina Clendenin, in a video posted to YouTube, stated that she came across notes her husband wrote to their daughters. As the video points out, her husband would, daily, place sticky notes with positive, uplifting messages in each of their three young girls' lunches.

When she initially came across the notes, Sabrina was shocked at the massive number of notes. However, she then felt a wave of emotions as she began to dig into the little pieces of paper stuffed in a drawer.

“And then I started reading them and that’s why I took that. I laid them all out and I started getting into them and I got a little emotional because I didn’t know, like, he was even doing specific days,” she said.

Sabrina adds that her husband had even created messages for specific days of the week. 

“Like there’s a ‘What Am I Wednesday?’, ‘Fun Fact Friday', ‘Motivational Monday.’ And I was just like, 'This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen,” she said. 

The video shows hundreds of notes across several tables with the loving messages from the girls' father. As the video points out, those are not even all of them. Those notes are only from the beginning of the school year!

The young girls cherished the sweet notes from their father so much that they have kept every single one he's written them.

Sabrina jokingly adds that her husband’s touching and sweet gesture is something he may have to continue for a long time. 

“I don’t think he can stop now,” she said. “I think he’s locked in for life. They’re going to be in college and they’re going to be expecting those notes.”

What a sweet, simple act from a loving father that means so much!

Ephesians 6:4 “You fathers, don’t provoke your children to wrath, but nurture them in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.”

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