Family And Friends Surprise Wedding Couple With 'Stand By Me' Serenade

Family And Friends Surprise Wedding Couple With 'Stand By Me' Serenade

Weddings are emotional occasions where lifelong memories are created and one couple was the recipient of an unforgettable, touching moment from those in attendance.

A wedding ceremony is a joyous and serious time when two people come together and promise before God and their guests that they will love, honor and cherish one another. The couple also indicates that they understand life together will not always be pleasant but pledge to stick it out and stand by the other.

At one wedding, the bride and groom weren’t the only people who promised to stay together through thick and thin. As the video posted on YouTube shows, the guests surprised the happy couple with a melodic display of their commitment to the newlyweds.

The man officiating the wedding of Jackson and Allison tells the happy couple to turn and face their attendees. He explains how those witnessing their ceremony are their family and “will always stand by” them.

After those words, a man in the front row stands up and begins singing Ben E. King’s 1960s classic “Stand by Me.”

The couple is obviously surprised as the bride asks, “What’s going on?”

Next, a woman, a few rows back, stands up and begins singing the song. She is then followed by a third man who stands and starts belting out the lyrics to the song about commitment and love. 

Seconds later, the officiant begins strumming on a guitar. All the guests are then singing “Stand by Me.” It was a beautiful and wonderful moment that caught the groom and bride off guard.

Several people then come forward to the front of the room, standing only a few feet away from the couple. 

What a unique moment and a lovely show of devotion and support for the husband and wife as they head down life’s road together.

Proverbs 16:3 “Commit your walks to the Lord, and your thoughts shall be established.”

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