15-Year-Old Earns 4-Chair Turn With ‘Dancing On My Own’ Blind Audition

15-Year-Old Earns 4-Chair Turn With ‘Dancing On My Own’ Blind Audition

One young man made a big first impression on the judges of a popular television show. 

Ryley Tate Wilson, who is only 15 years old, caused some of the biggest names in music to sit up, take notice and turn their heads, literally. Kelly Clarkson, Niall Horan, Blake Shelton and Chance the Rapper all turned their chairs for Ryley on an episode of The Voice.

As the clip shows, Ryley only manages to get seconds into his blind audition song, “Dancing on My Own,” before Kelly decides she’s heard enough and wants him on her team. Niall, the former One Direction member, also very quickly turns his chair around for the young man.

Blake and Chance eventually turn their chairs around for Ryley but not at the lighting speed of Kelly and Niall. Nevertheless, Ryley managed to get all four to turn around for him. 

The teen’s voice is absolutely outstanding! His voice sounds very much like that of a seasoned professional. His tone, control and pitch are stunning.

All four judges shower the young man with praise following his jaw-dropping performance. Kelly and Niall, in particular, were very complimentary of Ryley. 

“Your voice is insane,” Kelly said.

She later added that she especially enjoyed Ryley’s improvisation during the song.

“Your runs were crazy good,” she stated. “They weren’t planned, they were felt. If you’re feeling that at 15, wow!”

However, it was Niall who gave the young man the highest compliment.

“Ryley, my head nearly exploded,” he said. “That was the best audition we’ve seen here by a long shot.”

Chance the Rapper called Ryley “insanely talented” and added that his audition was “fire.”

It will be interesting to see how far Ryley goes in the competition because he has shown he is blessed with a ton of talent.

Psalm 96:1 “O sing to the Lord a new song: sing to the Lord, all the earth.”

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