‘All About You’ Passion Live Performance

‘All About You’ Passion Live Performance

Listen to “All About You” performed by Passion.

Jesus Christ, as one song mentions, should be the focus and at the center of everything we do.

It’s easy to become distracted, get off track and have focus become blurred while concentrating on something temporal that holds no real significance once so ever. Life is full of responsibilities and obligations that can cause our attention to become centered on the immediate, much less relevant things in this world. 

However, the song “All About You” by Passion reminds us that Jesus Christ should be and remain at the center of our lives. In everything we do, Christ should be the focus of that activity or event. 

In the song’s opening verse, the musicians reorient their focus. The musicians state they are “clearing off the surface” and “getting back to basics.” They remind themselves that Christ is the reason for their singing, worshiping and praising Him is the reason why they are even on that stage.

The song’s simple yet effective chorus reiterates the musicians’ point and purpose for their track.

“It’s all about You, It’s all about You
Always has been, always will be 
All about You”

The song’s third verse adds that this changing and shifting of focus, as it often does, means a difference in priorities. It’s forcing the musicians and, likely, all who hear the song to consider what is truly important to them. 

The lyrics also state that all the miracles and every revival that may occur are about Christ and for the benefit and growth of His kingdom. In the end, that is what truly matters. Everything else, while it may seem important now, is insignificant and only temporary.

What an excellent and terrific reminder not to get caught up and entrenched in the tiny, mundane details of everyday living. Instead, our priority and focus ought to remain on Christ. 

Colossians 3:2 “Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth.”

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