Australian DrillDance Routine Is Simply Mesmerizing

Australian DrillDance Routine Is Simply Mesmerizing

Holy schnikeys, this Australian drilldance routine is mesmerizing! Try as you might, you will be hard-pressed to find even the hint of a misstep in the performance!

In America, there are dance teams and drill teams, but Australia appears to have combined the two into a single sport, and this group, named Enigma, has mastered it! 

Most people have been in or watched a child participate in cheerleading, marching band, flag corp (color guard), dance team, show choir, or similar activity in which precision and timing are critical. Those are the events where the slightest lack of synchronicity or the failure to remember each beat in a sequence costs points in the competition. They aren’t for the lazy!

But Enigma has chosen their name wisely! This group of gals, festooned and fixed-up flamingos in boots, are quite a mystery! They look more like soldiers—even robots—than a group of young ladies. Enigma exhibits absolute consistency and uniformity in their hairstyles, facial expressions, and steps. And there are lots of different types of steps!

Enigma marches in the traditional fashion, and they do a goose step. They walk quickly and slowly. Though not the technical term, they do a sort of slide step at 1:45, and there is a fancy little toe step at 2:45. That’s also not the correct name. They move backward, forwards, sideways, and diagonally, add arm movements and salutes, and create intricate formations. Imagine the discipline and hours of practice required!

The group of 15, representing South Australia, won gold at the 2022 Australia DrillDance Championships. The Omaha School of Music and Dance published a blog post about the ways in which music and math are related. One of those four is the fact that both use patterns. With that in mind, I’m betting these amazing drill dancers are excellent math students, too!

So often, we pursue individual goals and solo endeavors. And while those reflect wonderful American values, Australia’s Enigma has provided an exceptional example of a collective effort!   

“Their purpose is to teach people wisdom and discipline, to help them understand the insights of the wise.” Proverbs 1:2

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