Security Camera Captures Cat Hilariously Arguing With Owner

Anyone who has ever had or encountered a cat understands they will put up a fight and refuse to do anything against their will, but one clip perfectly captures the stubborn nature of felines.

In the clip posted to YouTube by Inside Edition, Toby and his owners get into a heated argument. 

The clip of the security camera footage shows Toby, a full-grown white and brown-colored cat, lounging about on a patio filled with several cat trees. About 30 seconds into the clip, a female voice asks Toby to come inside to get some yogurt.

However, Toby is less than accommodating at his owner’s request. Instead of adhering and being a good kitty, the feline talks back….or back meows. The woman asks again, telling the cat, “I know, come in so you can have some yogurt.”

Well, Toby is not happy! He stands his ground and again hilariously meows his side, pleading that he would prefer to stay outside and enjoy his night.

The female voice tells Toby he needs to come in and take his medicine, MiraLax. 

Approximately a minute into the clip, Toby begrudgingly climbs up onto one of the cat trees and gets on the wooden plank that leads from the cat tree into the house. Toby, the stubborn and hard-headed cat, finally relents and goes inside for his medicine.

Animals are amazing creatures. Toby plainly understood what his owner was asking him to do. It was also clear that the animal did not want to do it. Toby would meow back every time his owner spoke to him. He also knew what the female voice wanted as he eventually but reluctantly walked into the house. 

Toby’s California owners won this argument. It remains unclear who will win the next one because cats absolutely hate doing anything against their will. 

Check out this short but cute video of a tense argument between a human and a cat!

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Source: Inside Edition

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