11-Year-Old Earns Golden Buzzer After Surprise Audition Of Broadway Classic

11-Year-Old Earns Golden Buzzer After Surprise Audition Of Broadway Classic

A young child gave a show-stopping and superb performance of a song from a beloved Broadway musical on Britain’s Got Talent

Children can and do surprise, often in extraordinary ways. While they may be young and inexperienced, they have still been blessed by God with unique talents and abilities. 

Olivia Lynes, an 11-year-old girl, certainly surprised the judges and the audience with her big voice, knocking “Defying Gravity,” one of the songs from the musical Wicked, out of the park. But before Olivia hit the Britain's Got Talent stage, one of the show’s judges, Amanda, surprised her. 

Olivia thought she was just buying a ticket to see a musical. However, she soon learned that her mother and grandmother had reached out to the show, telling them of Olivia’s stunning musical ability. She was overjoyed and overwhelmed when she learned of the surprise.

Once on stage, the young woman confessed she was feeling a “bit nervous” before her audition. But after the music started playing and Olivia began singing, all her nerves seemed to instantly melt away. She displayed her stunning voice, reaching surprisingly high notes.

Just when you think Olivia has shown everything her voice can do, she takes it to another level. She leaves the judges’ mouths wide open in amazement and the studio audience on their feet, applauding her performance.

Amanda slams the Golden Buzzer and deservedly so for Olivia. Confetti falls from the sky, landing on the absurdly talented young lady. Olivia is brought to tears by the positive reaction to her performance. 

Simon Cowell, like his fellow judges, was equally taken aback by what he just witnessed Olivia do.

“That was like a scene from a movie,” Simon said. “You just blew the roof off. I mean seriously, perfect, perfect, perfect. Golden buzzer, you so deserved it. You’re brilliant.”

Psalms 105:2 “Sing to him, sing to him: talk you of all his wondrous works.”

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