Good Samaritan Rushes To Save Runaway Baby Stroller Headed For Busy Street

A man came out of nowhere to rescue a child who was headed toward a busy California street.

People do have the ability to inflict pain and hurt on one another. However, they also have the surprising capability to display great kindness, care and concern. Whenever there is a natural disaster or some other catastrophe, people are quick to donate food, money and clothes to those impacted. 

One, exhibiting great concern and care for his fellow man, sprang into action and saved the life of a young child in a runaway stroller. 

In a clip posted to YouTube, a child in a stroller sits to the left of a vehicle with both doors on the driver’s side open. A woman stands at one of the vehicle’s open doors.

Seconds into the clip, the stroller starts rolling backward, away from the woman. The stroller, with a child strapped in, is headed toward the busy street in Hesperia, California. 

The woman in the video immediately notices the runaway stroller. She takes a few steps in the stroller’s direction but falls to the ground. She tries to regain her footing but does not get far before tumbling again. The whole time the stroller gets closer and closer to the road.

The stroller is mere feet from entering the roadway before a Good Samaritan darts in from the right side of the screen and catches the stroller. 

The man grabs, turns and then pushes the stroller back to the fallen woman. As this is happening, a second man appears on screen, who helps the woman to her feet. 

The man who saved the child’s life and the woman embrace as he brings back the rescued child.

That man is a true hero in every sense of the word. He literally saved a life with his actions. 

Hebrews 13:16 “But don’t forget to be doing good and sharing, for with such sacrifices God is well pleased.”


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