All-Time Best Animal Impressions From Tim Conway

The immensely talented and laugh-out-loud funny Tim Conway got in touch with his inner animal when he portrayed several on The Carol Burnett Show

The Carol Burnett Show is a classic American television program. The show has kept people laughing for decades. The program's zany, unpredictable sketches and legendary, comically gifted cast are unlikely to ever be matched. The laughs were never few or far between during The Carol Burnett Show

Tim Conway was one of those on the show who consistently had the studio audience and those watching at home roaring with laughter. A lot of times Tim’s comedic timing and memorable characters even had his fellow castmates unable to contain their laughter.

A clip posted on YouTube shows the many times when Tim assumed animal characters on the show. The clip begins with Carol introducing Tim and explaining his surprising regularity when it comes to playing members of the animal community. 

It's only seconds into the clip, and Tim has the studio audience in hysterics. While portraying a cow being milked for the first time, Tim’s facial expressions are enough to get the laughs going. 

Next up, Tim takes on the mannerisms of a cat. Harvey Korman, who appears in the sketch with Tim, only gets through a few lines before he’s having to conceal laughter. Tim’s feline character eventually snatches a dangling watch, much to the amusement of Harvey. 

Then, in a get-up that makes Tim look like Bugs Buggy, he takes the witness stand in a courtroom. His antics in court thoroughly annoy the attorney questioning him, but he has the studio audience, once again, in stitches.

Next, as a dog, Tim breaks Harvey up once again. This time, he doesn’t even try to conceal it because doing so would have been absolutely useless. 

It’s amazing that anyone was able to get through an entire sketch with Tim Conway without absolutely bursting into laughter and breaking character. He was so incredibly talented that often all it took was a look from Tim to cause extreme and uncontrolled laughter. 

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