Comedian Matt Falk Talks About Reaching The Age When Everything Annoys You

Comedian Matt Falk Talks About Reaching The Age When Everything Annoys You

Comedian Matt Falk talks about reaching the age when everything annoys you. Welcome to adulthood, folks, where the toaster dial, the economy, to living in a fixer-upper home is part of adulting. 

“I did it. I finally reached the age where everything annoys me. It happened quicker than I thought,” he quipped. He goes on to share a cheeky and humorous perspective about mortgages, mature trees, and failing everyone’s expectations from the moment you’re born. 

Matt has been doing comedy for decades. Whether you’re a fan of Matt or you’re hearing him for the first time, this video is sure to cause a snicker or two. Or his humor might make you double over in laughter.

Matt shares how he got started in comedy beginning with the question he gets asked the most, whether or not he took comedy classes after school. “No, but I did a lot of stand-up comedy in class during school. Does that count?” He added, “I was that kid. The report card always said the same thing. ‘Matt distracts others in class. Matt does not pay attention in class. Matt is rarely in class.’ 

He shared that he broke the record of getting kicked out of class by getting kicked out seven minutes before class started. Apparently, Matt’s teachers did not truly appreciate his humor. I bet they appreciate it now that he shares what adulting is like in this day and age. You’ll have to watch his video to find out why, and when you do, you’re sure to be laughing.

Thank God for gifting us with a sense of humor and the ability to laugh at life and have to adult. Believe me. The struggle is real some days. 

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