Christian Comedian Tim Hawkins On Why We Need Worship Songs For Men

Christian Comedian Tim Hawkins On Why We Need Worship Songs For Men

Men and women, with their many differences, complement one another well. However, some of these contrasts between the sexes can make for awkward and weird interactions, even in places of worship.

Men and women, no doubt, use varying methods of expressing their feelings and emotions. One obvious way men and women differ is in how they think, feel about and express love.

Christian comedian Tim Hawkins hilariously states that this can create awkward situations in churches. This difference, Tim mentions, is why men are less likely to be spotted singing in church.

“Here’s another thing: worship pastors, you wonder why men don’t sing a lot sometimes,” Tim said. “I think I know why. Because a lot of songs written today are written with a female’s way of expressing love, right? Men and women express love differently.”

If you’re unsure about what Tim means, don’t worry. He gives a laugh-out-loud example about what he means. 

“A lot of songs written today are like, you know, ‘I wanna see your face, I wanna touch your face. I want to get to know you.’”

Tim’s fix for this perceived problem in houses of worship is to have songwriters create tunes with lyrics specifically aimed at a male audience.

“Just write some songs men can worship to,” Tim instructs. “’Watch the game with me, Lord. Just sit here in silence, no talking or questions. And fall asleep halfway through. Get me a Coke from the fridge, Lord. Get me a Coke from the fridge. Bring me some nachos…with jalapenos.’”

The uproarious clip ends with Tim mentioning that he would be a frequent visitor to a church with such songs! 

Hebrews 13:15 “Let us then make offerings of praise to God at all times through him, that is to say, the fruit of lips giving witness to his name.”

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