HIV testing and the Church

In New York City it is estimated that over 40,000 are HIV positive and do not know it. The hospitals record between 30-40 testings each month with less than 5 coming back positive. Due to this, medical care may be in jeopardy. On March 17, 2008, The Gallery Church brought together over 150 college students to hand out over 30,000 invitations promoting free subway passes to all who would be tested. The outcome of "City Uprising" was amazing. Thirty three doctors in twenty one testing stations tested over 900 people and it is estimated that over 100 were positive. The Gallery church of Manhattan will follow up with spiritual and medical direction and counsel. It was said by the local physicians that this was possibly the largest HIV testing effort in the history of New York City. The church impacted the lives of many and the testimony of what the church could do for the city was boldly testified. Zach Williams, organizer and worship leader tells of the first hour of the testing.

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