‘Plead The Blood’ Christ Davenport, Brandon Lake And Cody Carnes

‘Plead The Blood’ Christ Davenport, Brandon Lake And Cody Carnes

A group of talented musicians sang a track about the awe-inspiring power of the blood of Jesus Christ.

Christ willingly gave Himself as a sacrifice, as our replacement, to endure a painful and undeserving execution on the cross. His death, the blood He shed for all humanity and His resurrection, changed the entire direction of the world forever. His ultimate sacrifice all those years ago is still changing lives today. 

In the song, “Plead the Blood", Chris Davenport, Brandon Lake and Cody Carnes sing about the power of Christ’s shed blood.

In the song’s first verse, the musicians mention that Christ’s blood provides protection. Instead of being subjected to the enemy’s hideous and destructive plans, the thief will spot Christ’s blood on the doorframe and flee, according to the song.

Additionally, the musicians add that the enemy will not be able to “take my family.” The people who reside in the house with Christ’s blood on the door love, worship and belong to the Lord. In the song’s chorus, the guys point out that Christ’s blood is sufficient, meeting all their life’s needs.

“I plead the blood
I plead the blood of Jesus
It’s more than enough”

Near the song's conclusion, the musicians point out the power of Christ’s blood to change lives, even to this day. It washes away all sins and makes the broken whole once again. The song adds that there is peace, hope and a future after the blood washes away the sin. 

Praise the Lord for the life-changing and saving blood of Jesus Christ!

Exodus 12:23 “For the Lord will go through the land, sending death on the Egyptians; and when he sees the blood on the two sides and the top of the door, the Lord will go over your door and will not let death come in for your destruction.”

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