Hillsong UNITED - Closer Than You Know

Listen to this beautiful song called ‘Closer Than You Know’ by Hillsong UNITED.

“I tempered the storm though your faith was small, I prayed while you slept
And the night waged war, we stood at the fire, and we walked on sea
And we drank of the wine that was made of Me, don't turn your eyes from Me
For My love won't be undone, don't hide your face from Me, for My light has surely come”

The wonderful song is written from the perspective of Jesus himself, and it captures the human aspect of Jesus’ life as he shares stories of the times with his disciples during his ministry. And the song is a great reminder of how close Jesus is to his followers, back then and still today. Even if we don’t always feel his presence, he is closer than we could ever know

Singer Taya Smith of Hillsong UNITED shared that one of her favorite songs to lead is ‘Closer Than You Know.’ She said that the song creates an intimate atmosphere that is great for when the band is leading a crowd in communion.

“Joel [Houston] was writing that song from the perspective of Jesus praying for us before he went to the cross,” Taya said. “And there’s a part in it that’s our response to Jesus. I love that. Joel gets someone to get up and take communion on behalf of everyone that’s there, and it’s just a special moment of putting it before God and having communion with Him.”

We hope that you were encouraged and uplifted by the song ‘Closer Than You Know’ today. May the lyrics remind you how close Jesus is to all of his followers and how we can always look to him as our hope and firm foundation.


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