‘Who Is This Man’ - Cody Carnes

Check out this song called ‘Who Is This Man’ by Cody Carnes and be encouraged by the powerful lyrics.

“Who is this man that even the wind and the waves obey? Who is this man
That even the power of death can’t break? Angels and demons alike answer to His name
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, who spoke the word that set everything in its rightful place?
Who left the keys of sickness and death lying in His grave?”

Cody Carnes is a three-time Grammy-nominated worship leader, and he is back with new, live-recorded music. He released this song titled ‘Who Is This Man,’ and it is the first track of his upcoming live album.

“I’m so excited to announce another live album, starting with this first song, ‘Who Is This Man,'” shared Cody Carnes. “This song makes me cry every time I hear it. This live moment is so full of the presence of God. Every lyric of this song points to Jesus. The lyrics are inspired by the disciples being constantly amazed at Jesus and the miracles that followed that they would ask, ‘who is this man?’ I pray this song leads you to Jesus as you listen and worship along with us.”

The song and music video was recorded at The Belonging Co., which is Cody’s church base. The singer is currently wrapping up the “West Coast Blessing Tour” with his wife Kari Jobe, and Martin Smith, and this summer, he will be on the Worship Together Nights Tour. As for his new, live album, which will be released later this year.

We hope you enjoyed listening to ‘Who Is This Man’ by Cody Carnes today, and may the song uplift your heart and brighten your day.


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