Coptic Orphans: Not Alone Program PART 2 of 2

Not Alone is our oldest and largest direct-service program. Our dedicated Representatives ("Reps") in Egypt seek out orphans who have lost one or both parents, and who are without means of support. rnrnMost of these children live in female-headed households; they are "orphaned of the father." Most often, these children are neither receiving minimally adequate nourishment, nor the educational support to stay in school. Furthermore, they are under a great deal of pressure to drop out of school and work to support the family.rnrnWithout Coptic Orphans' support, children as young as 10 years old can become bread-winners for the family. rnrnThrough the guidance of our Reps, who are trained to be child advocates within their communities, these children receive visits from the Reps, school assistance, food, and other necessities on a weekly basis. Their mothers, most of whom are illiterate, receive access to their rights to a late husband's pension, and become involved in literacy classes and other community activities. In effect, Coptic Orphans becomes the father they have lost, or the steady income that is no longer there. In this way, the children can focus on their education and not worry about their next meal. Coptic Orphans also works to provide adequate and humane housing facilities for families in this program who are in need of it. For more information please see Emergency Housing.rnrnChildren who enter the Not Alone program remain in the program until they graduate from high school or university. We encourage university education for all the children in this program. Our community partner in the Not Alone program is the Coptic Orthodox Church, which assists in nominating Reps and identifying eligible children for the program. rnrnAs of 2005, over 14,000 children have been assisted through the Not Alone program. We have estimated that 100,000 children in Egypt fall into this category of being both poor and orphaned. By God's grace, one day we w

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