Anne Wilson Reveals Why She Sings About Jesus In Official ‘Songs About Whiskey’ Video

Christian musician Anne Willson reveals why she chooses to sing and write songs about Jesus Christ instead of many other topics in the official music video for her song “Songs About Whiskey.”

Musicians will and have written songs about every topic and subject imaginable. Think of a topic, and more than likely, there is a song or several about that subject. Songwriters and musicians are constantly searching for inspiration, something that sparks a lyric, a chorus or a melody that eventually turns into a song.

However, as you’ve probably already found out, it seems that musicians, especially those on pop and country radio, choose to write about things of this world. Love is always a popular subject for songwriters. But so are money, drugs, violence and alcohol.

In the official video for her catchy and upbeat song, “Songs about Whiskey,” Anne explains why she chooses to sing about Jesus and not the other subjects that many other musicians commonly sing about. In particular, Anne gives her reasoning for singing about Jesus Christ in the chorus.

“I guess I’m just kinda fixed on

The only thing that’s ever fixed me

That’s why I sing songs about Jesus

Instead of singing songs about whiskey”

Another reason Anne sings and writes songs about Jesus Christ is that she knows Him. She is familiar with His love, mercy, grace and faithfulness. Whenever someone experiences writer’s block, they are commonly told to go back and write about what they know. That makes sense. 

Why waste your time writing about something that you know absolutely nothing about?

Anne also adds that things about this world, topics that other musicians write about, will only fill you up for a short time. They are temporary. But Jesus Christ is forever, as is the difference He makes in people’s lives.

Ephesians 5:19 “Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord:”


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