YouTuber's Hysterically Accurate Take On Airlines

One popular YouTuber has come out with a hysterically accurate take on airlines and the stress and frustration commonly associated with air travel.

Everyone loves going on vacation, getting away from work, home and the responsibilities of everyday life for a while. Getting a break from concerns and burdens that weigh us down is mentally and physically beneficial for our well-being. A little bit of rest and relaxation can do wonders.

However, the mode of transportation we select to reach our relaxing destination can, ironically enough, add stress. Anyone who has ever flown understands what a frustrating and nerve-racking experience flying can be. Specifically, though, the stress from flying usually comes because of the antics and actions of the airlines.

In a short but hilarious clip, Penn Holderness from The Holderness Family YouTube channel mocks and satirizes airline procedures. Dressed as an airline employee, Penn makes a series of announcements that we’ve all heard a time or two made by the airlines. This time, Penn adds more information than the airlines typically give.

The video begins with him announcing that the airline oversold the flight. He admits that as an airline employee, he does know how many people the plane holds, but they decided to continue to sell more tickets. 

Why did the airline allow people to buy tickets on an overbooked flight? He assumed people would be too drunk to actually make it on the flight.

Regardless of the airline’s overbooking issue, he tells travelers that several people will be kicked off the flight but will be given what he mockingly calls a “travel credit.” 

He then explains that the travel credit will only result in many more headaches and a flight that is ultimately delayed several hours. 

The short video is so hilarious because there is so much truth to it. Everyone has experienced some version of the situation that Penn is describing and mocking. 

Proverbs 17:22 “A glad heart makes a healthy body, but a crushed spirit makes the bones dry.”


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