Reba Rambo- Child of the Music Maker -Christian Dance Co.

This Incredible song sung by Reba Rambo back in the early 1980's, inspired me to put it to dance. However in this piece, the camera work doesn't really show what I was trying to portray with her words. Like I said before, Rita Ross's Camera Crew wanted to come out and shoot some of our rehearsals, and as usual with things like this, there is never any time to rehearse the Camera People! LOL Anyway, I will NEVER get tired of this song. Thank you Reba, it's too bad you could not have seen the actual finished performance. You see back in the late 70's early 80's, as I said before, the Church, was not REAL keen on "DANCING". Again, that's why we were Pioneers back then. As Much as I love Paul and Jan Crouch, AMAZING people, (and their whole family) They were NOT Quite READY to have us perform on TBN. Andrae Crouch was sort of spreading the word of what we were doing, but, as I said, we were Pioneers. And TRUST me, I worried about being too suggestive and all that kind of thing which I really did have to put a lot of thought into. So basically I just made things fairly simple, although if anyone seeing these Vintage videos I'm uploading, knows the Dance, they will see that the Dancers have a strong Ballet Background and were really great dancers. rnSo these Dance numbers in rehearsal are really a part of the History of "Modern" Christian Professional Dance. Unfortunately, many tapes have been destroyed over the years, but I will keep looking to see if I can find any more. Let me know if there are any Professional Show (ex or otherwise) People out there that have knowledge of any other groups that might have been around back then trying to do what we were doing. A Christian Dance Ministry. All the people who saw our numbers, were very moved and VERY excited about the the possibilities. Thanks for Looking. Even though anything I put up on this site is mainly for my Family and Friends, I don't mind if others want to take a peek and comment!rnGod Bles

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