Naruto American Idol Episode 1 Part 1

Naruto American Idol Episode 1 Part 1

Hiya everyone! A couple people said I should do another American Idol so here it is. This is also what KHking said he wanted as his prize for the video contest. Sorry I didn't do it for so long, KHking. BTW you have GREAT videos! Anyway, this is Episode 1 Part 1. It was getting long so I decided to make it 2 parts. Here are the credits:

Intro. Song: Broken Wing

Artist: Thousand Foot Krutch

Naruto's Song: Friend Like That

Artist: Hawk Nelson

Judge's Song: Lose My Soul

Artist: TobyMac

Hinata's Song: The Real Me

Artist: Natalie Grant

Sasuke's Song: Count Me In

Artist: Leeland


I own nothing. I got the pics from google and the songs from various CDs that I have.

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