Robert St. John, My South

My South
A People, a Place, a World All Its Own
Two-Color, Hardcover w/DVD
By Robert St. John

What started as a simple advertising campaign for the Turner South network has expanded into a phenomenon. The beautiful language brings the South to life in the experiences, memories and emotions of her people.

My south is home

It's the tall pines under which I played in my youth

It's the soft red clay that was a key ingredient in my mud pies

It was those hot summers

When my cousins and I would gather in the shade sucking on icees we had made with red cherry Kool-Aid and a Styrofoam cup

My South has big families where everyone remembers everyone else's birthday. In my South, we put peanuts in bottles of cola and hot sauce on almost everything. My South was cane-pole fishing and creek swimming. In my South, grandmothers [email protected]% around pictures of grandbabies and argue about the best azalea fertilizer. In my South, people still say "please" and "thank you," "yes, ma'am" and "no, sir." My South is the best kept secret in the country.
Includes DVD.

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