Class on love - Air = desperate

I have been dissapointed in relationships. I have been terribly wounded as well. I have dared to believe only to be left. It is a something I am sure all can relate to. So in the midst of it all my growth has come from the ending of relationships and the courage to believe agian. My heart has asked is it your mind that seeks out the truth or your heart? Depending on which you will not nessasarily always see a different outcome but you will a very different response. This video was edited and put together from alone time with God. A relationship that grew more intimate then I ever imagined. Intimacy (in-to-me-see) a difficult struggle to take hold of what God was showing me that was in the deepest part of me. What he was showing me about relationships and committment. Our counselor comes and speaks to our hearts about a way we have never known or could possibly understand. Equipping us and building us up to fullfill a purpose here on earth. In time what I learned and was taught in this classroom was with Him it is a different kind of romance, with a different kind of love song and a different kind of love letter. A relationship that is not based on dreams or fantasies but rather on truth, reality and candidacy. This is not a relationship that takes your breath away but rather it is the air you breathe and without it you find yourself desperate and gasping. Blessings

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