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Can a Nation Shipwreck?

The story is told of the captain of a great battleship that was making its way through the murky fog as night deepened. His radar beam picked up a distant object in the water. As a good captain should, he crisply warned, "Change course twenty degrees." The response from the blip on the radar screen was polite, but firm. "Thankyou for advising of your position, but you must correct course twenty degrees." The captain, a bit indignant, again barked his order on his radio, Correct your course twenty degrees. We are rapidly approaching!" But the sharpness of his tone seemed to have no effect. "I'm sorry sir, but you must change your course." The captain was outraged by this affront to his stature and authority. He reared up with pride in his position and confidence in his craft. "Correct your course twenty degrees," he insisted this is a battleship!" "No sir, correct your course," cracked the radio. "This is a lighthouse!" We lumber like a great battleship through the fog of enlightment thinking that enshrouds us. We are plowing through heavy seas that pound our decks and have already have swept many people overboard. We assure ourselves in our Christian standing, and we ourselves dismiss knowingly or unknowingly those who crackle warnings to us as foolish, extremists, or fanatics and we label them so we can see them as having no legitimate standing to comment on matters of life, concerns, fears and yes even direction. I wrote last night how I have a variety of readers and I am honestly amazed by the extremes. It is not because I wink at sin or that i do not have the basic principles of Gods word. But what it is ... is compassion and understanding of the war they fight. It may not be what I struggle with but it is as real a war as mine. This great ship of Christianity is not so great if it plows forward in self delusion and her people lie in the balance as we barrel forward on a collision course for s

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