The Way Ahead in 2009

The Way Ahead in 2009

The Way Ahead in 2009<br />

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God willing, 2009 will be a year of missions for The Way Christian Ministries (TheWayCM). 2008 has been a year of preparation, change and growth.<br />

The work of TheWayCM has dramatically expanded throughout the world ( and we have spent a lot of time building up our Christian Discipleship Resources to meet the demand.<br />

The Foundations Course is now available in seven (7) languages and the weekly Gist in ten (10). We are broadcasting weekly online with Eternal Radio ( In addition there are many new subscribers to and outlets for the Gist through a variety of Social Networking sites and host websites ( and, praise God.<br />

To be able to go on mission and sustain our growth we need your financial support. You can do this by<br />

Donating Online <br />

Purchasing our resources <br />

Setting-up a Standing Order <br />

Making a one-off gift by cheque payable to: TheWayCM and send to <br />

TheWayCM, Kilcreggan House, Kilcreggam G84 0JT Scotland UK<br />

Our next major expense is the Mission to Pakistan in February 2009. On a Third World Mission it is not only a question of getting there and back, we are also expected to transport many of the people to and from the crusades and feed them when they are with us.<br />

We anticipate that we will minister to more than 20,000 people, and separately, in excess of 300 Pastors and Leaders. A conservative budget for the Pakistan Mission is 2,000 (GBPs). Can you help us to raise this amount?<br />

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