The Hungry

Apostle Eric explains how true Christianity has been withheld from the mouths of the hungry. Those who have been hungering and thirsting after righteousness have been filled with the things of the floor.

Enabling the church to again weight mans words on the scale of truth, Apostle Eric further explains how false charity compromises truth and how false knowledge works confusion in ones perspective of faith. Cutting into the knotty issues of faith, he also reveals how the false faith movement of the 70 put a covering over the eyes of the church as the message took deep roots in the faith of the people.

Explaining the difference between true faith and false faith, Apostle Eric teaches that false faith projects for peace and security while true faith follows the Spirit. True faith reciprocates, false faith projects.

The Voice of Apostolic Reformation is now bringing the church back to the true record Jesus gave for faith to be expressed with, thus freeing believers from Satans shadow. Apostle Eric exhorts: Government is on Jesus shoulders. This is what He carries and this is what He officiates over. We, as believers, are charged of God to build the house of God. Your priesthood is for the honor of God not the honor of man and the empowerment of charity brings the true reward you desire.

Video copy of part two of Apostle Erics radio program, Apostolic Voice of Reformation, 12-19-08. Broadcast airs live every Friday from 3 pm to 4pm EST at WBTE 990 am Windsor NC. www.ApostleEric.comCredits: music by Stefano Maccarelli, Discover,, photo credits: Evangelist Connie van Wyk

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