The Transition

As Moses reeducated the children of Israel to prepare them for the Promised Land, so the Lord is reeducating the church today to purify and prepare her for the coming of the Lord. The change is here! A new priesthood, new knowledge, and new stewardship. God is bringing many distinctions to the church. What it means to live by faith and what it does not mean. What true stewardship is and what it is not. If your desire is to walk as Jesus walked by the pattern of truth, in faith, in righteousness, in sanctification then this video will be a blessing to you.

As Jesus identified Himself as the hub of a new community, so also Gods appointed apostles identify themselves as the hub of a new community, a whole different house, a whole different system that is not subject to the world.

Chief Apostle Dr. Eric vonAnderseck from the video, “There always seems to be a point of conflict when the time comes for dissolution for change. There is always a removing of a previous commandment in order to establish a new one… and this is what is happening in the church today. There is dissolutions concerning traditions which were bred in the minds of the people for the last 2,000 years and that particular tradition was always tethered to physical things, which kept the church tethered to the perceptions of the world. Preaching from St. Johns epistle.

Credits: Music by Stefano Maccarelli, Victory,

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