First Pentecostal Church of Savannah TN Pastor Gerald Davis A woman was healed of a serious problem!

I'm Brandi Gramse from First Pentecostal Church of Savannah, TN. For several years I've had a serious issue of blood. It was more or less a hemorrhage situation. I initially had surgery to correct the problem, but the benefits of the surgery only lasted about a year and a half when the bleeding began again. I underwent a second, then third and fourth surgery. After the fourth, within only six months the bleeding progressed to the point of the fifth surgery being necessary. Frustrated and exhausted, I told the Lord, "I'm so tired of dealing with this, I'm just going to go ahead and have a complete hysterectomy and end all this." But I couldn't be happy with that decision so I waited and tried to trust the Lord to intervene. The weakness left me exhausted all the time. I had to take iron pills up to four times a day to try and build my blood just to have the strength to make it through the day. The bleeding had gotten so severe at this point that I had to stay at home and I didn't even want my children around me to be exposed to what I was going through. I finally did make my mind up to have the hysterectomy. I called and made the appointment that Monday morning then went to revival service that Monday night. It was in that service after prayer, that the Lord completely healed my body. I woke up Tuesday morning with absolutely no bleeding. Mornings are usually the worst with the heaviest flow because of the inactivity of the night, but there was none at all then or since that time. I can only say that I know God healed me completely and I thank Him with all my heart!

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