"Divine Lady"was the second single from Dan Peek's,"All Things Are Possible" album from 1979 on Pat Boone's, Lamb & Lion Records.All Things Are Possible was Dan Peek's first solo album as a Christian artist & it was one of the top selling Christian albums of 1979.Dan Peek left the group America after years of going down an endless road. Dan Peek was always a Christian (Catholic) as well as his wife Catherine, but after years of drifting away from Jesus,Dan re-dedicated his life to Jesus Christ in 1977 soon after the "Harbor" album by America.Even while with the group America, Dan Peek's original songs like...."Lonely People, Don't Cross The River & Brown Eyes", & many other songs,Dan always had a spiritual theme running thru them.The song,"Divine Lady" was #23 on the Christian charts. Dan Peek was even nominated for a Christian Grammy in 1979 for the "All Things Are Possible" album in 1979.Dan Peek's,"All Things Are Possible" was the first Christian album I ever bought after becoming a Christian in 1979.

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