Keeping Focused On GOD's Narrow Path

Situations have been challenging to say the least with people throughout all areas of our lives, whether personally or outside our normal living environments and situations ... these "attack's" are mainly spiritually generated. People are failing their belief system and falling by the wayside, and all sorts of what-have-you's. I pray this video will be a blessing to you some how, assisting in your focus on our LORD. Please, stop the bickering, there's no need for it. We're all GOD's children whether we're believers or not, however, know that our FATHER loves each one of us. Not speaking for the LORD, but I'd think HE'd want us all to just get along. Let's pray for all, not just our brethren. This video is based on Psalm 103 as its' theme. Enjoy the blessings! God bless each and everyone one for the incredible human being HE created you to be. Fulfill HIS purpose and plan for you for his righteous glorification, and accept HIS will unconditionally.

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