Slides on Chinese in God's Land

Chinese characters in oracles forms dated back 8000 years could tell the faith of the Chinese ancestors. These slides show God as Christians believe reveals in images in Chinese characters. Their God as shown in the character is a God of three lights (Trinity) staying side by side with two persons in loving embrace. Claim of Eden being located in Yunnan,China gave a link to explain the pictures embedded in the Chinese characters or scripts from the perspective of the Holy Bible especially the book of Genesis. The whole story of creation of two persons, their fall and punishment with death (from life of eternity to longevity), the place they lived (Eden or shen zhou or God land), the breath they got from God is depicted in the characters for shen (God),Fu/ blessing, lu/providence, shou/longevity including shen zhou (Eden) and shen jing (life or nervous system) or the breath of God.

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