The ANGIE GREEN Born Again Testimony: God - Where ARE You?! Part 1 of 2

Angie Green grew up as an unwanted child. She received no encouragement. She was told that if she had not been born, her mother would still be alive. She was led to believe she was dumb and could not learn. Rejection came from every end. As a migrant child, she never was able to make friends for very long. There were times her parents were so poor they killed pigeons for something to eat. Eventually Angie got married, but she had no idea she was marrying an evil monster in disguise. He used her for %!$%#ual gratification in ways that no woman should have to endure. The pain of life took a huge toll until the time came when she made the decision to take her life. As life slipped away, she started going through a dark tunnel. The further down the tunnel she traveled, fingers of creatures began to claw at her. Never certain about the reality of heaven or hell, she now knew she was headed for hell. Then Jesus rescued her, as she called out to Him for help!

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