GO AHEAD AND JUMP! The Billy Schneider Testimony: Part 1 of 4

Dan VanHoven and Billy Schneider dialogue about some very taboo issues ... uhhh ... such as pornography, masturbation, theckual sins, drug addictions and things that most people would rather not talk about PUBLICLY. If you have never heard Billy Schneider speak before, take the time to hear him. Billy has been used of God to speak to highschool students across the country, and he has a gift with words that penetrates to the depth of a persons soul. Billy has written a book on his life, and you can find out about it if you go to the www.precious-testimonies.com website, and click on: TESTIMONY DIRECTORY. Scan down the names listed to where you come to his name, then click on the title on the right. We've published the first chapter of the book for you to read, to give you a small taste of ALL of what God has done in his life. It's actually incredible, to say the least.

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