Nona was going to kill her husband! She refused to take any more abuse from him. But what would bring her to do such a thing? Nona had been brought up in Chicago. Her father worked hard and provided well for the family of six. But her mother developed a chronic addiction to alcohol, which Nona tried to keep from her classmates. Her father began to stay away from home, spending more time with other women, while the family became fragmented. Nona essentially became the caregiver for her mother, until marriage came along. In the beginning, her marriage was fulfilling. Her husband had a good job, and Nona worked as well. They had money to do as they pleased. Because they could afford it, they became recreational users of cocaine. Over time however, her husband became addicted, and it turned him into someone Nona was prepared to murder because of his abuse to her. Throughout the trials Nona faced, she developed a special love for God that is truly precious, and she shares some insights about God that are priceless to those who have ears to hear.

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