What happens in Vegas don't always stay in Vegas (A last tribute to O.J.)

Pastor Malone teaches on this sermon that often times as we follow God towards our promise land sometimes because of the comfort, just tiredness, or financial gain we choose to stop following God and we look to live our physical and spiritual lives in places that we were never intended to live.

In our sermon today we learned that after the Children of Israel walked around the desert for forty years and right before entering in the promised land the Sons of Gad and Reuben decided that they would stay of the east side of the Jordan because they felt the land they were in supplied their needs. Now this land met their immediate needs but it did not meet the needs of their future. God wanted them to go further to gain their true inheritance however they declined because they felt that the land east of the Promised Land would suffice for them. It was here that Moses told them that they must fulfill a vow to God to fight along with the other children of Israel and if they did not complete their tasks their sin would seek them out.

The Children of Gad and Reuben made three simple mistakes that we all make on a daily basis. 1) Because they did not enter the Promised Land the right way they became and discouragement to their Brothers (for those who have committed their lives to following God to the end it discourages us when we see our brothers and sisters fall by the way side when they choose not to complete their spiritual journeys). 2) Because they turned down their original Inheritance, like Esau it was split with someone else and they missed out on the better blessings (when we make decisions we need to make sure that we are allowing the Spirit to lead us and not us making decisions for the Spirit because often times we will have to call on the same Spirit to get us out of trouble). 3) It is better to God's Inheritance for me than for me to try to make a side deal with God and not get the full measure of His blessings in my life (His prom

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