Frank Hayes Gospel Praise and Worship Singer

As the Son of a pastor, Frank Hayes has roots that run deep in gospel music-he began singing in church at the age of 3. During his teenage years in the 70s, religion took a back seat as Frank moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue a career in music. While he found work doing background vocals for the Isley Bros., Leon Russell and Albert Collins, as well as singing for early incarnations of 1980s rockers Toto, Frank's heart wasn't into secular music. Frank felt the need to get back into the music that has brought meaning to his life. Frank was formerly with the YoungHearts.

The Younghearts were a vocal group from Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. Their impact was purely on the R & B charts, gaining moderate hits with 'I've Got Love For My Baby' (number 19 R & B) in 1968 for the Minit subsidiary of Imperial Records, and 'Wake Up And Start Standing' (number 48 R & B) in 1974 for 20th Century.

A stay at ABC in 1977 produced an album and several singles that did nothing, and the group subsequently disappeared. This album contained their version of the Heatwave tune 'Sho Nuff Must Be Love'.

Albums: Sweet Soul Shakin' (Minit 1968), A Taste Of The Younghearts (20th Century 1974),All About Love (ABC 1977)

In Memory of Frank Hayes. Frank was a true friend. He passed away last night September 2nd, 2007. His voice was a gift that he freely shared as can be heard in this video.

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