Spiritual Scavengers of Revelation

In part 3 of The Beasts Church vs Christs Church Apostle JoAnne mirrors Apostle Judes identification of how the Beast system produces children called BRUTE BEASTS, and connects this to how these express their faith with SENSUAL KNOWLEDGE, thus speaking evil, or rejecting living apostles, the New Covenant pattern, and the Baptism of the Spirit with the token of tongues, leaving them as SCAVENGERS OF REVELATION, who continually seek the knowledge of God for life strategies for personal profit, and how these are the SPOTS IN THE FEAST, or Christs New Covenant Assembly, being they who use bible language yet produce fruit that reflects their own image rather than the image of Christ. Additional teaching points include how the children of the Church of the Beast focus faith on changing the world, politics and situations for the goal of self rulership, self validation and self gain. Concluding with expounding on the 2nd Covenant commandments Apostle Jude gave to BUILD IN THE FAITH, Apostle JoAnne ends this 3 part series with great hope for the Church as she directs their faith back to the original design of Jesus Christ, that the Church may be as the wise virgin, seeking daily to obtain the grace and mercy of God to be vessel full of faith, ready for the Bridegroom when He comes. Learn how to worship God as a ROYAL PRIEST at the Apostles School, with a full education to the New Covenant FREE OF CHARGE. www.school.apostles-center.com www.apostles-center.com

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