Pt3 The Power of Gods Throne

In Part 3 of The Power of Gods Throne Apostle JoAnne teachings on what it means to be a witness of Christs majesty, how to resource His DIVINE POWER each day to endure sufferings and persecutions and increase the soul in the fruits of godliness. Strong contrast teachings make this video a powerful tool for all Christians, such as the difference between INSTINCTUAL FAITH and COGNITIVE FAITH, the witness of SEDUCING SPIRITS and the Witness of the Holy Spirit, Life Coaches and others who use their life stories to preach insights to the Church vs apostles who count their life story as dung and preach the true New Covenant pattern to the Church. A final teaching on how the true New Testament Assembly, also called THE FEAST OF CHARITY, under the stewardship of living apostles allows Christians to experience the spiritual reality of all the Feasts of Israel in one experience, without even trying to keep the Jewish celebrations. This is another example of the Excellency of Apostolic Stewardship as the preaching of truth from the apostles office gives great hope to the Church and clear cut, unambiguous direction for how to walk in the FULLNESS OF CHRIST and be free of the bondages of sin and faith merchandising. A FREE education to the New Covenant that enriches your soul with the treasures and wisdom of Christ is available at the Apostles School.

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