MIKE BENSON: Part 3 of 6: His Amazing Testimony Of Being Freed From Spending Life In Prison!

Mike Benson, President and Team Captain of THE CONQUERORS International Strength Team, hated being in prison, and understandably so. Yet after promising himself while in prison that he would never break the law again, amazingly, once he was released from prison, something inside him would take over, and to his very own amazement, he would be tempted to break the law again, and somehow believe that he wouldn not get caught. Then back to prison he would go, with even more years to be spent in prison.

This painful cycle kept repeating itself. The time came when Mike had so many criminal charges against him, he could not possibly live long enough to serve out all those prison terms. Yet God was working. God was sending Mike people who Mike always felt were a bunch of wacked out religious nutcakes. Yet the Holy Spirit was using them to plant and water spiritual seeds that eventually would one day sprout out of the dry, parched ground inside Mikes broken heart.

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