Clemency By Covenant

As world banks fall and wars erupt almost overnight, the world finds itself in a grip of fear that seems to tighten daily. As global leaders gather to find solutions, Christians are also looking to their spiritual leaders for guidance and hope. “Who will save us?” Many of you already know that Jesus is your Salvation, but you have lost hope and lost the anchor of your faith. Did you know that Salvation means “Restorer of Life”? Jesus is the restorer of life—He is life and came to restore us to God. All those who desire His clemency in this time of trouble are invited to come into the covenant of Christ to anchor your faith in Him. May this praise and worship video minister grace to your heart in your hour of need and give you hope in our Lord.

Credits: Spiritual sacrifices of prophecy by Chief Apostle Eric vonAnderseck, read by Apostle Jacques Wessels, music by Stefano Maccarelli, "Alba "; “Per Te/For You”: Photo credits: Evangelist Connie van Wyk; Michael Connors, Morgue File Archives:; Dave Menke, National Park Service; Hollingsworth, John and Karen, Ellizabeth Labunski , Susanne Miller, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

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