The sounding of Shofars in this video segment signifies God is about to do some marvelous things in His people! (Jim Barbarossa, referred to by many as simply The Shofar Man, is the one leading here in this video segment). To learn more about Shofars, you can go to:

Jims brief testimony of how God lead him into the Ministry of the Shofar is as follows:

The Shofar Man was birthed during a trip to Israel in 1996. This occurred when Jim and Carla Barbarossa visited the Holy Land. While Jim and Carla were shopping in the City of Jerusalem, Jim purchased a Giant Yemenite Shofar to bring home. To Jim's surprise, G-d spoke to him to blow the Shofar as He would lead him. In October 1996, Carla had a dream that she was pregnant, and Jim was taking her to the hospital in a small car. Jim reached under the seat and pulled out a Jumbo Yemenite Shofar and said, "I will blow this during the birthing process. During that same month, Jim and Carla went to Africa with the Shofar in hand. Jim blew the Shofar as G-d directed, and deliverances, healings, and miracles followed and and have continued to follow every since in many different places around the globe.

Since then, Jim has been teaching nationally and internationally on the Ancient Hebrew Instrument of Praise, Worship, and Warfare. During these teachings, Jim was tagged with the nickname "The Shofar Man." Today, The Shofar Man is a retail and wholesale supplier of Yemenite a Rams Horn Shofars, as well as Taleism (Prayer Shawls) and a full line of Judaica products. All horns are imported directly from Israel, where they are handcrafted to meet all Kosher standards. All Shofars have a very distinct, clear, crisp sound.

During January 2000, Jim wrote a book about the Shofar. Since then, he has made available a number of teachings on the Shofar that can be found on: WWW.THESHOFARMAN.COM