Erwin Lutzer on "Slandering Jesus"

Erwin Lutzer on "Slandering Jesus"

Both skeptics and believers want the truth about the man who claimed to be God. Renowned scholar Dr. Erwin Lutzer provides the ultimate answers. Drawing on decades of rigorous Bible study and teaching experience, he examines six widely-held beliefs about Jesus Christ--untruths that have even infiltrated even the church--and counters them with facts. The fabrications include:

The family tomb of Jesus was discovered

Jesus escaped the crucifixion

Jesus wanted and needed Judas to betray him

Jesus was just a man

Jesus is one way among many to God

Jesus has a dark secret

Using clear logic and historical evidence, Dr. Lutzer explains how these lies sprouted and grew, gives readers deeper insight into the true character and qualities of Jesus, and equips readers to identify and expose lies that demean him.